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Team Building

Team Building

Team – Building Fun and motivation are in the foreground, effective increase of team performance is the goal.

 – The one does not exclude the other: Together we construct:     

 – Group experiences that promote motivation and fun.    

 – Team Workshops communication, and thus make transparency visible and tangible    

 – Team development workshops with project management to increase team performance    

 – Vision and Mission Workshop George Consulting Idea Factory Over the last 20 years we have created and organized together with our great customers countless top team events – all with one goal – not just Fun but also DIRECTION. We are unbeatable in our unconventional approach: Whether, igloo construction, cooking events, thrillers, rock band, replica of an Indian village, constructing a course, constructing a system, all ideas led to success … “developed and unique” tasks from our Idea Factory are our concept. 

Unique and special, a perfect symbiosis of innovative team-building methods, exciting challenges and lots of fun. With energy and ability and the utmost dedication, we create a true experience. The common task is fun, ability, cooperation, vision and mission We glide from the workshop to the perfect team … Smooth collaboration in a business, though important, is becoming increasingly difficult and often fails with interpersonal issues within a team or department. 

With our solutions we support your employees in a process-oriented and well-coordinated way. A positive working atmosphere, sense of belonging and motivation of employees are decisive for the success of a company. As part of a team development we dealt intensively with the current situation and develop together with the team members opportunities to strengthen cooperation and communication in the team.

For this purpose, we use a variety of methods to ensure optimal transfer to professional practice and to sustainably anchor team building in our employees. Our workshops can be found in 3 categories:     

One day intensive!   

 2 days of vision and mission creation  

3 days – Full Bluntal Perfection