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Leadership is not a trite word!

Leadership is a “MUST HAVE” and is slowly but steadily displacing the crusty “micro-management”. Today’s phenomenal digitization, the incredible development and possibilities, the rapid adaptations and of constant “changes”, the “world-class” trained teams ” – Leadership means – State of Mind.

George von Staden, Top Executive Coach and Consultant, has built Dive Schools around the world, led a sushi restaurant with honors, was Station Manager at Smithsonian Institution, Education Manager at Cassiopeia, and has helped 2 training companies succeed. George von Staden understands the perfect combination and approach of “Leadership Intercultural” through his US American roots, his many years of European and world-wide activities.

The outstanding quality of leadership is undoubtedly integrity. Our Leadership Workshops – aim to move the triggers.


We are not “profile neurotic know-it-alls” – but accompanying professionals who, together with your knowledge, work together to determine the BEST paths. It is about the knowledge of the many, the use of different perspectives, the opening up of creative freedom, the design of decision-making processes and the facilitation of agility and – that is leadership.

It is comprehending the connection between dependency, independence and interdependence and the “inter personal”, “information processing”, and the “decision – processes” to be communicated.

Leadership – can be approached by us – George Consulting – in various forms.

  • As a coaching companion
  • As an “aspiring leader workshop”
  • As “Running a Team to Top Performance Workshop”
  • “Leadership Communication Seminar”