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Leadership is a mindset - the outstanding quality of leadership is undoubtedly integrity. Our Leadership Workshops - aim to move a trigger. After all, it's about the knowledge of the many, the use of different perspectives, the opening up of creative freedom, the creation of decision-making processes and the facilitation of agility and - that is leadership. Dependency, independence and interdependence ...

Team Building

Fun and motivation are the goal. Increased effectiveness and efficiency and increase in team performance is the aim. The "One" does not exclude the "Other"...so, together we construct: • Group experiences that promote motivation and fun. • Team workshops to make communication visible and tangible • Team development workshops with project management to increase team performance • Vision and Mission Workshop

High End – Presentation

Perfect presentation... For over 15 years one of our defining skills! These intense and engaging trainings and workshops consolidate the skills that characterize all successful and persuasive people. Together we forge this competence to perfection. Moving the team, grabbing the audience, selling, negotiating, convincing, winning - that's our passion, that's our goal. Meeting, stage, camera, audience - everything is thought of...

2020 Keynote Tpoics

Dare yourself / Diversity / Leadership / Four Pillars Mobility / Liquid Work Force / so much more...

Dare yourself

Go for it – Go for what you know!


Create and make…


Role and responsibility!

The four Pillars

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Das Team Building ging an unsere Grenzen. Wir haben unglaublich viel mitgenommen. Die Location, die Aktionen, die Sessions. TOLL TOLL TOLL. Immer wieder....


Ein tolles Leadership Training ! Danke

BMW Group

Having touched base with H E and the involvement of GVS in the lit process proved to be the best choice to date. GVS is a knowledgeable and professional outfit.


We learned so much. Exhilarating and competent. That is how you do that. Thank you George


An excellent training focused on practical skills with use of R. Preparation of the training (materials & practical exercises) just model. The trainer perfectly blends his Engineering interest with communication and leadership experience. As for me: this is how all courses supported by practical workshops shold look like. Prepared scope of the workshop exceeded time of the meeting. Excellent materials! The perfectly prepared workshop focused on exercises for the participants. Practical training aspect outweighed the lecture parts which I think was a strongest point of the training