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Dare yourself

What will I do / Who will I need / How will I convince / How will we succeed – What does it take…

George von Staden has lived through everything imaginable in his diverse and unconventional life. 

In Texas and Louisiana, he worked as a professional diver – deep – sea welder and divider, building marine biology stations for the Smithsonian Institution, establishing diving schools around the world, creating an exciting sushi restaurant, inventing the “California Roll”, working with Magic Johnson, Heike Makatsch , HAPE Kerkeling, Bon Jovi, Steve Jobs, was an “excellent coach” at NH Germany, led the Education Department at Cassiopeia AG, was a shareholder of cmt GmbH and founded George Consulting about 10 years ago, he is co-owner of Leinfelder Hof in Vaihingen Enz.

George von Staden knows all the ups and downs of business, leadership,and mastery of Team Systematics.

He knows the falling, the getting up, the making it, the power of decision …. To convey “enthusiasm” and “innovative thinking” is his passion. Dare yourself is an exciting journey that moves everyone to start and restart think – process, an eye “opener”.  A motivating machine. 

In his lectures, he  customizes his content individually to the audience, so that they can take as much as possible and not need to hear superfluous theory. “Dare yourself” is the motto of George von Staden and he lives it too.

Not only in his work with companies, but also as a speaker. So you can look forward to an entertaining and interacvtive talk that really gets everyone excited and interested and involved. With  his exciting stories and approaches and ideas his lectures remain with you in the long term memory. As an expert, he convinces medium-sized companies as well as DAX companies. Possible presentation languages ​​are German and English.


Date 06 Jan, 2018

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