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The four Pillars

“80% of our work covers mediation aspects and approaches.

84% of all projects “gone wrong” – are caused by communication failure…breakdowns…interpersonal misperceptions…intercultural differences.

Unreal…but real…we call it the “Habitual Offender”…”

Nobody knows this topic like he does … .no one … and that from practice – not from theory … Is your English … my English ???? Is your training … like my training ???? Is your attitude … like my attitude ????

George von Staden has worked with professionals from more that 40 different countries…

George von Staden has lived through everything imaginable in his diverse and unconventional life. In Texas and Louisiana, he worked as a professional diver – deep – sea welder and divider, building marine biology stations for the Smithsonian Institution, establishing diving schools around the world, creating an exciting sushi restaurant, inventing the “California Roll”, working with Magic Johnson, Heike Makatsch , HAPE Kerkeling, Bon Jovi, Steve Jobs, was an “excellent coach” at NH Germany, led the Education Department at Cassiopeia AG, was a shareholder of cmt GmbH and founded George Consulting about 10 years ago, he is co-owner of Leinfelder Hof in Vaihingen Enz.

George von Staden knows all the ups and downs of team communication … Based on the stages of “Stereotyping”, “Awareness”, “Acceptance” and “Achievement” of the path of intercultural competences, George von Staden shows the different perspectives of the ubiquitous topic.

Thus, the listeners can understand through interactive practice the characteristics of a culture, such as directness, diligence and organization habits… that can quickly lead to a stereotyping and can be viewed as… “cold”, “perfectionism” and inflexibility….this again leads

This is also related to the big problem of prejudice: here, as a few examples, the “white versus black” and “urban versus rural” controversies were mentioned within the US. In this sense, another important aspect of intercultural coexistence is “cultural awareness”, ie the ability to understand other cultures and to link them with one’s own.

And … how do we work together best … how do we sell interculturally … how do we prepare ourselves …. Exciting, funny, crazy ….

Date 06 Jan, 2018

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