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George von Staden has lived through everything imaginable in his diverse and unconventional life. In Texas and Louisiana, he worked as a professional diver – deep – sea welder and divider, building marine biology stations for the Smithsonian Institution, establishing diving schools around the world, creating an exciting sushi restaurant, inventing the “California Roll”, working with Magic Johnson, Heike Makatsch , HAPE Kerkeling, Bon Jovi, Steve Jobs, was an “excellent coach” at NH Germany, led the Education Department at Cassiopeia AG, was a shareholder of cmt GmbH and founded George Consulting about 10 years ago, he is co-owner of Leinfelder Hof in Vaihingen Enz.

George von Staden knows all the ups and downs of business, leadership, and leadership and masters team systematics … he made all the mistakes in the book … Leading as Leader – inspiring – winning What do I have to do to get employees excited about my ideas?

George knows leadership approaches from over 18 countries …. How does leadership actually work?

What are the key qualities of a respected and successful leader?

What does he do differently than others?  

The leadership expert George von Staden takes you into the world of the complex laws of human interaction and explains to you in his truly graphic and funny and exciting way how we work and what is important to us. The goal is to bring you closer to how you can succeed, inspire your employees and inspire your customers! With the GVS Leadership Strategy, you can take this goal a step closer and learn with which tools and settings you are successful as a boss.

Leadership is a way of thinking – Leadership is a state of mind.

George von Staden is about Excellent Leadership, about successful leadership and successful companies. His leadership strategy positively changes the audience’s attitude to life, providing new – often relaxing – insights, and generating a high degree of motivation to immediately apply the new knowledge.  

Use your options, your energy, your effectiveness and your chances of success correctly! Move people with your personal art of leadership. Enthusiastic employees and satisfied customers make companies successful.

Date 06 Jan, 2018

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